Vignessh Gears

Vignessh Gears Pvt. Ltd is an Indian manufacturer of wide range of critical components involved in power transmission process including gears, gear boxes, geared motors and gear assemblies. We exclusively represent Vignessh Gears in GCC and Eastern African countries.


Cement industry

  • Air separator gear box
  • Roller press gear box
  • VRM gear box for coal mill

Mining industry

  • Vibratory screener gear box
  • Triple output / 4 pumps gear box
  • Propel gear box / Drive unit for rigs

Steel industry

  • Ladle tilting gear box
  • Wire drawing gear box
  • Block mill gear box
  • Roll stand gear box for tube mill
  • Leveller gear box
  • Shear gear box
  • Main Hoist gear box
  • Twin output gear box for rolling mill

Power industry

  • High speed turbine gear box for power
  • High speed turbine gear box for power
  • Air pre-heater gear box for power clean out
  • conveyer gear box

Paper industry

  • Pulper gear box
  • Digester top separator gear box

Plastic industry

  • Twin screw extruder gear box

Wind power industry

  • 250 kW gear box
  • 300 kW planetary,
  • Yaw gear unit
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