MLT is a French manufacturer whose core business is the splicing of conveyor belts, the manufacture of technical belts, and equipment for conveyors (Belgium).


  • SUPER-SCREW – Primary
  • SUPER-SCREW – Original
  • SUPER-SCREW – Evolution
  • SUPER-SCREW – Security
  • SUPER-SCREW – Premium


Permanent solution

  • Equivalent to a hot splice (resistance/lifetime)

Preventive maintenance

  • Red border to predict the replacement

Real-time control

  • Immediate check

Fast and autonomous installation

  • Time saving vs hot splice

A flexible system

  • Compatible with small pulley diameters
  • Compatible with belt cleaners

Easy storage

  • No expiry date and no need for cooling room

After Sales Service

  • Hotline, MLT support, installation support
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