LBH international A/S Denmark was established in the year 1985. LBH Expansion joints in all shapes and sizes according to customer demands. We exclusively represent LBH in GCC and Eastern African Countries.

Fabric expansion joints

  • ​Type LN: For clean air systems
  • Type MN: For flue gas with a low acid content / limited mechanical condition
  • Type RN: For flue gas with a high acid content / severe mechanical condition
  • Type HD: For applications requiring optimal resistance against chemical attacks / mechanical conditions
  • Type GTX: For Gas Turbine applications

Elastomeric expansion joints

  • PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene
  • EPDM ethylene propylene diene terpolymer
  • FKM fluorocarbon elastomer (Viton B)
  • SI silicone rubber

Metallic expansion joints

LBH Standard designs

  • Axial
  • Universal
  • Lateral
  • Angular
  • External Pressure

LBH Special Designs

  • Pressure Ballanced
  • Rectangular
  • Special Designs


LBH International’s highly efficient installation team is available performing onsite installations and custom expansion joints. We offer a full-service package when installing and supervising on site, based on knowledge of how to achieve the best results with LBH products.

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