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Shanthi Gears Limited founded in 1969 has been a leading player in industrial gear segment. Manufacturer of wide range of critical components involved in power transmission process including gears, gear boxes, geared motors and gear assemblies. Standard & Custom made products in Helical, Bevel Helical, Planetary and Worm segments.

  • First Indian gear manufacturing company to get the converted AS-9100D for the design and supply of components for Aerospace.
  • Re-engineering of existing gears and gear boxes.
  • 30 years track record of proven quality in foundry operations
  • Capacity of 3,000 tons of castings per annum
  • Manufacturing of graded casting in Grey cast iron and SG iron with weights varying from few grams to 2 tons
  • Centrifugal casting of Phosphor Bronze rings up to 1,200 mm dia and gravity diecasting of aluminium
  • Electrically operated stress relieving furnace of max weight 5 tons.

  • Product

  • Cement
  • Air separator gearbox, Roller press gearbox, VRM gearbox for coal mill

  • Mining
  • Vibratory Screener Gear Box, Triple output / 4 pumps gearbox, Propel gearbox/Drive unit for rigs

  • Steel
  • Ladle tilting gearbox, Wire drawing gearbox, Block mill gearbox, Roll stand gearbox for tube mill, Leveler gearbox, Shear gearbox, Main Hoist gearbox, Twin output Gear Box for Rolling Mill

  • Power
  • High speed turbine gearbox for power, Air pre-heater gearbox for power Clean out conveyer Gearbox

  • Paper
  • Pulper Gear Box, Digester Top Separator Gear Box

  • Plastic
  • Twin screw extruder gear box

  • Windmill
  • 250 kw gearbox

    300 kw planetary

    Yaw gear unit